Community - The Sounding Stones Circle

The ancient stone circles consist of individual stones, each one standing tall and powerful by itself, unique within the unity of the circle. They stood there in all weather - rain, storm, hail and lightening or glaring sun - each stone unique and adding to the power of the circle. 

This circle is for those seeking guidance within a strong community.  You must be committed to self-development and empowerment. Your intention must be set on getting to know yourself better so that you can be strong and powerful, ready to weather the storms. 

The commitment you make is to yourself. Everyone’s path is an individual one, everyone’s potential is unique, everyone attends the courses they need and develops at their own speed. 

There are extraordinary possibilities in being closely connected to a teacher. There is strength, love and fun in being connected to others. 

The circle can be joined twice a year - in spring and in autumn. Apart from the fees for attended courses, there is a yearly fee of 415 € / 305 £. Contact us to receive application information. 

The circle includes:  

Monthly telephone conferences

Mutual support

Yearly interview 

Personal training and guidance during courses


Quotes from previous participants:

- I would not want to be without the New Moon calls. They always have a twist, a new way of looking at things, a way of expanding my mind. 

- I ensure that i am able to be on every call, no matter what is going on in my life, no matter where I am in the world. 

- I am surprised how intense these conferences are, and how easy it is for us to evolve through them. Usually need some hours to a few days to work through a topic.

- It is incredible how each person grows, and it is wonderful how we grow together as a group.

- After a healing meditation: The effect of three weeks of wellness would pale in comparison to how I feel now. 

Contact us for applications and more information. 

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